Ocun Crack Gloves

$39.95 USD

The most widely used crack climbing gloves in the world!

These are the ultimate gloves for crack climbing. With durable sticky rubber, quick-close velcro straps, and a thin profile, the Ocun Crack Gloves are an eco-friendly alternative to tape. Spend less time taping up and more time climbing hard! 

The rubber now conceals the velcro strap preventing abrasion and unfastening when climbing hard cracks. The overall shape has also been improved to offer greater comfort and hand protection to the climber. 

Ocun Crack Glove Specs:

  • Microfiber stretch suede and highly sensitive adhesive rubber for maximum friction
  • Quick closure system
  • Now with 5 size options
  • Weight: 57 g

     Ocun Crack Gloves Sizing Chart

    *for the Ocun crack gloves sizing chart measure the circumference of your hand as shown.