Belay Shades Belay Glasses

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Are you a rock climber? Do you have neck pain from belaying? 

If you're like most climbers, belaying can be a literal "pain in the neck." Most climbers write this dreaded "Belayer's Neck" off as a necessary part of climbing... 

But you don't have to suffer! 
Using prisms in the lenses, Belay Shades belay glasses allows the belayer to easily see the climber without craning their neck to look up. 

Belay Shades™ is the original Blicard Industries Inc. product. Why use Belay Shades™? Here are just a few reasons: 

  • No more neck pain from belaying! 
  • Be a better belayer; you'll be able to focus on the climber all the time, without taking breaks to stretch your neck.
  • Save big: Belay Shades™ are less than half the price of leading brands, while providing the exact same function. And as our customer, you'll also get exclusive discounts on future products. Some customers even say their Belay Shades™ save them from regular chiro visits! 
  • Support the kids: We donate a portion of each purchase to the nonprofit Climb & Conquer, based in Vancouver, Canada, to help disadvantaged youth experience the joy of climbing.
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee: We stand behind our product, and will gladly you a full refund if you aren't completely satisfied.
    Here's what customers are saying about Belay Shades™ :

    Big thanks to Daniel from Belay Shades™ for the speedy delivery of my new Belay Shades and great customer service. Thanks!!"
    --Matthew S.
    "Bought a pair today and I can tell you they work great!! I don't have a sore neck and I can't wait to try them outdoors. highly recommended !! thanks Daniel for creating such an affordable and great product =)"
    --Justin C.
    "It's awesome...Belay Shades works, does the job and doesn't break the bank."
    --Joe W.
    "My neck is loving the Belay Shades!"
    --Michel G.
    "I'm very excited! Thanks for creating an alternative to the much more expensive other options out there!"

    --Maya D.

    "Verdict: rugged as heck. For serious sport climbers and single pitch tradders, these are pretty game-changing. Once you try them, you will not want to go sport climbing without Belay Shades!"

    --Rugged Innovations; read full review here

    30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

    We stand behind our product and truly believe that it is worth every penny. 
    If you aren't completely satisfied, we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

    Are you ready to put a stop to your neck pain? 

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