Dan's #1 Climbing Tip

July 15, 2014

Dan's #1 Rock Climbing Tip

Hi! If you're reading this I'm going to go out on a limb and guess you're a rock climber, you like cool climbing gear + finding something new and useful to help you with your climbing.

We want to help you with that. If I find something cool that you might like, we'll share it with you here on this blog!

FOR STARTERS ----> here's the best tip I've ever had in climbing. 
Really ready…?
Really, really, ready………?


Mind blowing right? There's a little more to it :)

What do you think about when you climb? Do you think about the route, the moves or what's for lunch maybe?

Like all climbers you think about lots of things like….. "OMG I don't want to fall!", or "Okay the crux is coming I better chalk up…", or "I'm hungry what should I eat for lunch...", or "OMG I REALLY DON'T WANT TO FALL I'M GONNA DIE WAAAAA!"   <------ maybe that last one is just me.

The point is we forget to breathe correctly to optimize our climbing. 

The technique:

1. Breath in slowly and deeply for a count of say 7.
2. At the top of the breath (lungs full of air) hold without breathing in our out for a short 1 count.
3. Breath out slowly (but slightly faster that in in breath) for a count of 5 to reach full exhale.
4. Repeat while climbing.

Seem simple? It is! 

It helps focus the mind and keep you calm + maintains the flow of oxygen to your muscles while you're climbing. Hope it works well for you. Try to keep it going through the crux for a challenge!

I also highly recommend the book Training For Climbing by Eric Horst for very thorough training techniques specific to rock climbers. 

Love to hear any thoughts, comments or tips of your own! Send us a note or connect with us on Facebook to keep the conversation rolling.

Rock on,



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Ben said:

Sure, it is a good point to breath. And I have felt some of my best redpoints happened with relatively regular steady breathing yet I find the advice over simplified. There is much more to flowing up a route than a simple prescription. The truth is when you are climbing a difficult route your heart rate and breathing rate increase. The trick is trying to control that as much as possible while seeking movements, techniques and rests that allow you to calm or reduce your breathing rate.

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